The Purbecks Holiday Guide

Studland Beach

Studland Beach Dorset

Studland Beach is the longest sandy beach in Pubeck and extends from the village of Studland all the way to where the chain link ferry crosses the Poole Harbour mouth.

This soft sandy beach is popular with holiday makers and many choose to swim in the shallow water. At the South end of the beach near the village there is a sheltered bay and there are opportunities for swimmers to see seahorses. A small cafe on the beach here serves good lunch food and snacks including local Purbeck ice-cream.

Studland Beach Dorset

Towards the middle of the beach and north of the village of Studland is the most popular part of the beach due to the large car park and National Trust shop. Here the beach is widest and the sandy beach is managed carefully to keep it in the best condition. Here you will also find the start of the nature reserve which runs behind the beach in a large area of dunes and small lakes. Bird watchers use the bird hides on the nature reserve to observe migrating birds and will be happy to share what they have seen.

The northern end of the beach is often a little quieter and you are more likely to get some sandy stretches to yourself. There are less facilities up at this end of the beach but you can find a restaurant and some public loos near the chain ferry.

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